Everything you need to know about SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)

Everything you need to know about SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)

SMU assignment
SMU Assignment

Everything you need to know about SMU (Sikkim Manipal University)

 SMU (Sikkim Manipal University) was established in 1992, more than two decades ago, in East Sikkim. It is one of the first universities to be established in North East India. It offers quality education to students throughout the world. A number of computer labs, library holdings, and classrooms are available on the campus. 

As an ISO 9001-certified private university in Sikkim, it offers a variety of courses and facilities. 

Not to mention, the university has been ranked with an A+ grade by NAAC. This means that the university is producing higher caliber students and has been keeping up to date with all the technological developments. 

Where is it located? 

SMU is located in the 5th mile, Upper tadong area of Gangtok, which is the capital city of Sikkim. It is a hill town and the headquarters of East Sikkim district in the Indian state of Sikkim with a scenic area around it. 

Career Opportunities 

The university is not only an educational institution but offers career opportunities as well. The campus is always abuzz with life since it houses several offices of companies like Google, Adobe, Enkay Technologies, etc. in its own IT Park thus providing employment opportunities to students after they graduate. 

The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees in the fields of engineering, management, and computer science and technology. In the last decade, the university has expanded to offer programs in management, ICT, science, environment, biotechnology, and other fields. 

Therefore, keep in mind that it can be problematic to find SMU Solved Assignments regarding these subjects if you’re an average student or get too busy with other tasks. 

Key Facilities Of SMU 

Sikkim Manipal University has over 25 hostels for students from all across India and abroad. These hostels are classified as either on-campus or off-campus. 

On-campus hostels are referred to as University Hostels, whereas off-campus hostels are referred to as Manipal Group Hostels. Every year, more than 50000 students are educated at the university. 

The university is a multi-religious one and caters to the religious needs of its students by providing them with prayer rooms and accommodations under their religious beliefs. 

Sikkim Manipal University has an excellent library that is housed in a futuristic building. The library has more than 10 lakh books and journals in its collection. The libraries also send books to rural areas. 

The university has five wings of administration – academic, non-academic, finance, student affairs, and placement. Its three faculties are the engineering faculty, management faculty, and social sciences faculty. 

SMU Assignment Structure 

The assessment procedure at SMU largely deals with assignments, examinations, and projects that you need to hand in to your respective department. 

In order to maintain healthy competition among students, SMU has established a limit on the number of submissions per student based on the number of submissions received during each semester. 

This not only allows the lecturer to supervise and evaluate the work of all the students of SMU with equal ease but also helps in avoiding unnecessary pressure. 

SMU assignments are graded based on marks given by your respective department and the university marks while the remaining marks are distributed equally to all students. 


With 30% scholarship reservation for meritious students and hand-picked faculties for respective subjects, SMU is no doubt a way-to-go choice for students in the eastern states. But the only thing that students often struggle with is finding SMU-solved assignment answers. 

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So assignments won’t be a problem if you are looking forward to paving your way through success by joining SMU. 

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